Van Sperry


For a Safe, Strong, Affordable Kenmore.

Meet Van

Longtime Kenmore Resident

Caring Healthcare Professional

Thoughtful Leader

My family moved to Kenmore in 1956 when I was six years old. As a school-age child, I enjoyed the unencumbered freedom to explore woodlands, pick wild berries, and observe the myriad of small wildlife in rural Kenmore.

I attended Arrowhead Elementary and Kenmore Junior High and graduated from Inglemoor High in 1968. These experiences during my formative years rooted my identity and heart into Kenmore life.

After high school, I earned a bachelor’s degree in Human Biology from Newman University in Wichita, Kansas. The clinical portion of my degree was a new naturopath program affiliated with what later became Bastyr University. I began working at Seattle Children’s in 1977 and became an RN in 1988.

Over the years, I cared for thousands of complex pediatric patients and their families. In addition to my work as a nurse, I’ve long been interested in government and public policy, so while working at Children’s, I completed a master’s degree in Public Policy from Regent University in 2008.

I moved back to Kenmore in 1991 with my wife, Laurie, and our growing family. Since then, I’ve raised my family in Kenmore and have been actively involved in successful Kenmore City Council campaigns. For the last three years, we’ve hosted international college students in our home from China, Japan, and Taiwan.

I’ve witnessed the challenges Kenmore is facing as a rapidly-changing city, as well as the problems in Seattle due to the mismanagement of their police, drug, and homeless problems. That is why I’m running for city council. We need rational and responsive leadership for the challenges ahead.

My three top priorities are Ensuring Public Safety,
promoting Affordability,
and preserving Parks and
Open spaces.

Prioritize Public Safety

Promote Affordability

Preserve and Protect Kenmore’s Parks and Open Spaces

Prioritize Public Safety

I support sidewalks, crosswalks, and other transportation improvements to improve pedestrian and bicycle safety.

I support our police in the enforcement of our laws and will ensure they have adequate resources to keep our community safe.

I will address our burgeoning parking crisis now facing our city with firmness and fairness to all stakeholders.

Promote Affordability

The lack of affordable housing in our area affects everyone. Property taxes are too high and make it unaffordable to live in Kenmore, especially for people who are retired. Rent and home prices are out of reach for many young adults. People are moving to less expensive areas because of the high taxes and progressive upscaling.

I support allowing small backyard cottages and mother-in-law units (ADU) to provide additional affordable housing options.

I support increasing city revenue through economic development and supporting small business rather than just automatically increasing city taxes.

I believe in “tax transparency” and in helping Kenmore residents understand where their property taxes go. Currently, only 13% of property taxes go directly to the city of Kenmore.

Preserve and Protect Kenmore’s Parks and Open Spaces

Having grown up in Kenmore when much of the land was open space and undeveloped, I value protecting and preserving parks and open space. With the increasing density in Kenmore, it’s critical that parks and open space be available for wildlife habitat, human enjoyment, and recreation. Many children today are growing up in apartments or homes without places to play. Safe parks for children are important for healthy, active play. I spend many enjoyable hours playing with my two grandchildren at Kenmore parks. In addition, I will support the planned water access improvements for Squires Landing Park.

Let's Work Together

for a Safe, Strong,
Affordable Kenmore